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Best childproof iPad case – Best protective iPad case – Best iPad case

%image_alt%I have a couple of iPads and although the iPads last for the kids, the cases certainly don’t.  I’m pretty tired of buying a new case, but I need one that can brace an iPad fall against a cracked glass.  But, I need the ability to have the iPads easily come out of the case.  What can I say, my children like to feel the iPad on its own.

Let’s get to my top childproof iPad cases:

  1. Gripcase – For only $40, you can choose a color and be sure that your child will like how easy it can be gripped and held.  It doesn’t weigh too much and is a nice design.
  2. Otterbox – This one will set you back $60 – $90 depending on your version and is great with withstanding iPad glass falls.  But, it’s not easy to open up.
  3. i-Blason – At just $30, it is a great case and doubles nicely as a stand.  You can’t beat the price.

I’m a big fan of the i-Blason to the cheap cost and that it is a case and stand.  It’s probably the less protective of the three, but don’t worry, New York Computer Help as a disclaimer takes not responsibility, but will gladly fix your iPad broken screen if disaster strikes!

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