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Best computer discount site – Should I use QuiBids? – How to win at QuiBids

Where can I buy the cheapest computer?  You can find one from a discount site, such as QuiBids.  But, is thisShould-I-play-Quibids a good site to go with?  I see iPads going for less than $10 and they are brand new.  Is this for real?

These are questions we here all the time from our loyal IT support customers.  The answer is, “Yes, the deals are real, but buying the products is unrealistically painful.”  What does that mean?  You can get these deals, but you better have a lot of time on your hands.  These auctions can go until the wee hours of the night and you will find yourself on the losing end of the listing many times.  There are expert bidders out there that have been part of these listings and know how to swoop in at the last second and bid up on you very quickly.  It’s frustrating and it happens a lot.

How can you win at QuiBids?  You need to buy a lot of credits and bid the heck out of the listing you want.  Do you want that new iPad air or iPhone 5S?  You need to show other bidders that you’re serious and relentless.  Then, they’ll back off.  Don’t think you’ll get a deal worth pennies at the end.  Just set your expectations of winning at maybe 80% of the total cost and you’ll be happy with anything better.  Another thing, you can also purchase a computer support warranty via QuiBids or the seller after winning the item.  Instant tech support.  Gotta love that!

Make sure you have the time.  See when the auction is due to end.  Will you really be up at 2AM?  Make sure you have time dedicated to eyeball the auction.   Also, give yourself some extra time after.  The auctions typically have grace time after it’s over to allow bidders to make final bids.  Just imagine yourself going into to overtime during every auction so you give ample time for the bid.

Good luck on your next bid.  Going once, going twice!

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