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Best computer image software – best way to image computer – why to image computer

Acronis AntiVirus 2010
A computer backup is not good enough. To really ensure all your programs, settings, as well as files are backed up, you need to purchase a good image software. An image software will literally create a mirror image of your computer. So, if your PC crashes, you can just queue up your image, and you’re back up and running within minutes. If you ever had a computer crash or reinstalled, you know how long it takes to get it back the way you’d like. Sometimes, you cannot reinstall the same pricey software due to not having the software or licenses any longer. Plus, data recovery is sometimes not possible from a computer virus, blue screen of death, or other computer failure.

If you don’t have your computer imaged, you are flirting with disaster. As someone who has over 20 years of computer experience and has run the top rated NYC computer repair shop since 2000, I have seen many customers who could have prevented their computer disasters by having an image. Having a computer image is the ultimate reset button for the computer. It’s not just a system restore that wipes your data, it brings your computer back to the state when it was working.  Another plus is you don’t need to pay expensive onsite computer service fees when your computer crashes. You don’t need to be a computer expert to use an imaging software. As long as you know how to use a computer, can you create and restore an image.

In regard to the best computer image software available, Acronis is leaps and bounds the best available. Here’s why Acronis is the computer image software you should buy:

  • Easiest and quickest image creation and restore process
  • Set & forget backups so your updated files, programs, and settings are constantly being backed up
  • Options of backing up to your external hard drive, other external media, or online
  • Sync other PC files for backup
  • Able to use image on a new or different computer

Acronis Backup & Recovery Online

Whether for home or business, Acronis will speed up your productivity time. Without Acronis, after a computer crash, it can take half a day to a few days to completely reinstall Windows and configure all the programs and settings. You also have to factor in time to recover your files. With Acronis, it will take roughly 20-30 minutes to get your system, files, programs, and settings back up and running. This can be done on a new hard drive if your drive failed. Or it may be done on a new or different computer if your computer has a more serious hardware issue.

In regard to purchasing the Acronis image software, you can trial the software for 30 days first to make sure you’re comfortable with it. The cost for the home image software is only $49.99 and further discounted to $79.99 if you want to purchase it for 3 PCs. This cost is pennies compared to the time and money you’ll save. If you have a business, you can set up images for your Microsoft server, workstations, Microsoft Exchange, cloud and virtual environments.  Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 11 Advanced Server will get your server back up and running in no time.  I’m sure you realize how any server downtime can absolutely cripple a business. Visit the Acronis website to see how you can get your business computer back up and running quickly after a crash.  The Acronis software also comes with some great features for preventative maintenance, tune-up, and alerts for potential hard drive failures.

One special feature worth noting is that you can also include in your Acronis image backup other PC files. So, if you have more than one PC, you can ensure the documents, pictures, and music are also being imaged and backed up. Better yet, with the Acronis software, you keep these files synced on all your computers from home or the office. You can even sync these files over the Internet if you have computers in multiple locations. This software really has thought about everything!

Any competitors worthy of discussing? I have tested Acronis against Norton Ghost which has been around for awhile. I used Ghost when it was first available in 1995. Then, Ghost was bought by Symantec in 1998. I actually liked the Ghost product before Symantec purchased it. Symantec added so much fluff-filled features that have compromised the ease of use and navigation. Plus, it takes forever to back up and restore, not to mention a number of glitches and errors that seem to constantly prevent a successful backup. I’ve been testing and using the Acronis software since its inception in 2002. Let’s just say I was ecstatic with Acronis coming out. It has always been easier to use than Symantec, let along half the cost. Also, it’s faster, error-free, and works on all types of Windows computers. Acronis truly is in a league of its own, but just wanted to shed some light on Norton in case you were wondering.
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Advanced Workstation

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