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Best computer to connect to TV – Best TV computer

%image_alt%%image_alt%I get this question a lot: “What’s the best computer to connect to my TV?”  You might be wondering why would someone want to do that.  With a computer connected to your TV, you can watch downloaded or streaming movies easily on your big screen TV.  There are many websites, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, or HBO where you can watch free or cheap movies, sitcoms, sports and cartoons.  Instead of being limited to your smaller computer screen, you can share your movie on your big TV screen with the whole family.  Plus, you can also play your iTunes or other music collection on your computer through your stereo speakers.  Another plus is that you can surf the Internet on your big TV screen.

Apple TV, Boxee, and other TV set-top boxes still don’t authorize simple Internet access.  Instead, they prompt you buy or rent movies.  Why not just circumvent the system and go directly to the websites you want?  Well, that’s what connecting a computer will do for you.  All you’ll need to do is connect an HDMI cable between the computer and TV.  Older TV sets will allow you to plug in a VGA cable or audio/video/sound cables.  Okay, let’s now see what the best computer is for connecting to your TV.  You’ll need a compact computer, and one that will easily play all movies and videos.%image_alt%

If you want Mac support and compatibility, you should go with the Mac Mini.  It’s small, compact, and will fit easily in any environment.  Starting at $599, you’ll get a Core i5 processor and up to 8GB RAM.  No other mini computer compares to this speed.  You’ll also be able to purchase the wireless mouse and magic trackpad, making your multimedia experience one to cherish.

%image_alt%If you need to go for the Windows support compatibility-side, then the PC Shuttle is the way to go by far.  It’s the smallest PC desktop that is tailored purely for connecting it to a TV.  It has a slower Atom Intel processor and 4GB RAM speed, but makes up for it with its slimline design and full Windows operating system.  I’d recommend going with the Shuttle XS35 and the Adesso WKB-4000US wireless mouse/keyboard.

Should you go with the Mac or PC TV computer?  Well, it depends with what you’re comfortable with most.  Also, you’ll need to check your favorite media sites to ensure they are compatible with a Mac since some are not.

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