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Best computer virus jokes – nyc virus removal

We have heard of many celebrity computer viruses out there, most real, but some are fake.  I have scavenged the best fake viruses out there that should give you a good laugh.  Fake viruses, or virus hoaxes, are those that have no negative effect on your computer, but you still may see an email message with the celebrity’s name in the subject name.  In the end, it is just a hoax, but it’s possible effects make for a good joke.

Here are the best computer virus jokes:

  • Bernie Madoff virus – hacks into your online banking info and emails you bloated financial statements
  • Michael Vick virus – spams you with angry dog pictures
  • Anna Nicole Smith virus – sends computer pop-ups of her before and after pictures
  • George Bush, Jr.  virus – causes your computer to keep searching for spyware of mass destruction
  • Monica Lewinsky virus – sucks all the memory from your computer, then emails your contact list what happened
  • Oprah Winfrey virus – decreases your hard drive to 50% of its size, then slowly grows until you have no hard drive space left
  • Michael Jackson virus – only attacks minor files
  • Ellen Degeneres virus – forces disks to no longer be inserted
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger virus – terminates a few files, but will be back.
  • Jerry Seinfeld virus – installs program about nothing, but then exits when you find it amusing
  • Mike Tyson virus – quits your programs after one byte

For now, these computer viruses are not real, but be on the look-out in general for an subject lines with celebrity names in them.  Unless you know them personally, chances are that they are fake and should be deleted.

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