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Best desktop computer chair – Computer support chair

computer support nycSitting at a computer desk all day?  Sick of your aches and pains with your back.  Either you can recruit a physical therapist, acupuncturist, or go for a more affordable computer service option, get a better chair.

There are many options out there, and there are many rip-offs as well.  You really need to find a chair that supports your lower back well as a priority.  Everything else about the chair will help, but is minor compared to the lower back requirement.

Here are some solid desktop support computer chairs:NYC best desktop support

  • Criterion by Steelcase – It may look boring, but it’s the cheapest of the bunch at about $200.  It supports your lower back well and is comfortable.  desktop computer support nyc
  • Humanscale – If you have neck or head issues, this is one of the few chairs that will support those as well as your lower back.  You’ll be paying for that comfort though at $400 – $600.
  • Aeron Chair by Herman Miller – If a perforated, airy chair is your thing, thisnyc computer support $700 chair fits the bill and also looks tech support friendly with all its adjustables.

If you can’t part with your current chair, you can simply just buy a lumbar support pillow for your current chair.  Price tag on this one is just $20 – $40 as this may be picked up at a Staples, Target, or similar store.

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