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Best Google tips / tricks – 5 unknown Google tips / tricks – Google shortcuts / tips / tricks

New York Computer Help gives the best Google tips - NYC computer repairIf you’re a die-hard Google home page user like I am, it’s always nice knowing some shortcuts to get info faster.  Yes, you can type in some boolean, archaic, non-tech service friendly language that Google will remember.  But, do we have time to learn a new language?  Nope!  My wife can attest to that as I’ve been trying to learn Hebrew for over a decade and well, let’s just say I’m still very fluent in English.

Here are the top 5 Google tricks to make searching must faster:

  1. Local search – Visit directly to find neighborhood restaurants, movies, and of course, NYC computer repair companies.
  2. Find weather and movies – Just jot in weather or movies and the zip code i.e. movies 10016 and your results will pop up automatically instead of digging into or fandango.
  3. Instant caller ID – Not sure who just called you?  Google the phone number to find the name and address.
  4. What does that mean?  – Get a quick definition of a word by typing define <word>.
  5. How much? – Need to add something?  Just type in your calculation in Google for the answer.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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