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Best iPad 2 Accessories – iPad 2 support

%image_alt%Okay, so you’re planning to buy the iPad 2.  But, what do you need with it? It’s not just about the iPad 2.  With this version, it’s more of what can you dress it up with to make your world prettier and more computer friendly.  The Apple techs have come up with a slew of noteworthy add-ons you can buy while in the Apple support store.  In order to efficiently dig through the fluff, I’ve come up with the top 5 iPad 2 accessories to buy:

  1. iPad Smart Cover – This is a no-brainer.  Why is it a “smart” cover?  You don’t need to press any buttons.%image_alt% This cover will turn on and off your iPad by closing and opening it.  And it’s in 10 different colors…not just black!
  2. iPad Keyboard Dock – Not screen touch happy yet?  No worries, buy this one to quickly type in websites, documents, and emails.  It will also charge your iPad and sync to your computer.
  3. Digital AV Adapter –  You can use this adapter to show everyone all your slides, movies and photos on your TV.It also comes in handy if you just want a bigger screen to work off of.
  4. Invisible Shield – Are you worried about smudging, scratching or breaking the iPad glass?  You can buy this%image_alt%shield cover, that’s barely noticeable, to prevent scratches and reduce smudges.
  5. Quirky backpack – Tailored for the iPad, this backpack powers 3 gadgets via its USB gadget dock.  Its compact design still allows for multiple compartments for your devices.  Great bag if you need to travel with your iPad.

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