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Best iPad keyboard – Best iPad 2 keyboard – Best iPad 3 keyboard – Best new iPad keyboard

%image_alt%The iPad is ingenious.  The only drawback some have is the on-glass keyboard to have to deal with.  You can get an external keyboard to type on, but that adds another thing to carry and defeats the whole purpose of the iPad being a light-weight gadget to throw around with you.

Finally, I found the perfect keyboard to work with the iPad.  It’s the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover As the name implies, it doubles as a cover, but certainly not a protective cover.  The cover allows the keyboard to come up flush to the iPad without any separation.  The cover itself is similar to Apple support‘s Smart Cover design where it fits like a glove with a magnetic touch.  It is a tad thicker than the Smart Cover though.  This part is made for the iPad 2 and iPad 3, or new iPad.

You can also move the iPad to portrait or landscape mode and type.  Logitech also went a step ahead to install a rubber bumper at the keyboard’s corners so it doesn’t scratch up your iPad.  Nice touch.  But, don’t think dropping your iPad will be protected by the keyboard cover.  This will result in an iPad with broken glass.

So, no more excuses like I’m not happy with the iPad because it’s tough to type on it.  Or I can’t type documents on it and so on.  For $99, you’ll be able to use the iPad as a laptop pretty much, and the tech setup for it is as easy as snapping the two together.

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