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Best iPad mini apps – Top apps for iPad mini – Download these apps first

If you are a lucky recipient of the iPad mini, you’ll need to fill it up with app-love!  You know, install the perfect apps for your iPad companion.  You might wonder if there are some apps specifically tailored for the mini.  The answer is no, but the apps you have on the regular iPad are compatible and will work.  That being said, not all apps are optimal for the iPad mini being that it’s not the high definition quality that you’re used to on the regular iPad.  So, I take the size and diminished screen quality into account when rating the best iPad mini apps to get.

Here are the best iPad mini apps to buy:

  • Amazon Instant Video – I think this one shows up the best instead of going with Hulu or Netflix.
  • Kindle – Isn’t this the point of buying a tablet-like iPad?  Read on your iPad mini.
  • Spotify – Here’s an easy music app to take with you for free streaming jams.
  • Jasmine – Use this instead of YouTube for a better video player while doing other things.
  • LetterPress – This game blows Words with Friends out of the water!
  • Snapseed – Quick photo editing on the go.

Check out these apps, and don’t worry.  You don’t have to be an iPad mini expert or Apple expert to install them.  Piece of cake!

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