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Best iPhone 5S cases – Which iPhone 5S case should I buy? – Top iPhone 5S cases

best-iphone-5s-casesLooking for the best iPhone 5S case?  You don’t want a tank for your iPhone 5S case, but want enough protection so that you don’t crack your iPhone 5S screen?  But, you want something snazzy enough to stand out?  Maybe you want more battery juice for your phone?  Or maybe just some more texture to make it easier to hold.  We’ve taken into account all these factors to determine the best cases to buy.

Here are the best iPhone 5S cases to buy:

  • Tylt Energi Sliding Power – Get more than 8 hours of talk time and a slim protective case that you won’t even feel like it’s on.  $100
  • Hard Candy Neon Bubble – Get a bright case with a cool bubble-wrap pattern.  It includes a nice rubber liner for protection and has a good grip.  $35
  • Belkin View Case – Show off your iPhone’s sleek design with this translucent case while still protecting it with the rubberized wraps.  $20
  • Incipio Kicksnap – A nice rubberized back and side cover are accompanied by a unique kickstand that revels the Samsung Note’s stand.  $35
  • LifeProof fre – If you worry about smashing your iPhone 5S glass to pieces, this one is the lightest of the shock-free cases.

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