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Best iPhone 6s Screen Repair in NYC

iPhone 6s screen repair service in NYCLooking to get your cracked iPhone 6s screen repair done in NYC?  Sure, you can go to Apple and they’d be happy to “claim” it cannot be repaired and will force you to pay close to $300 for a refurbished iPhone.  Not fun and why should you endure such poor treatment.

Instead, you should go to a specialized iPhone 6s screen repair service company in NYC who actually does the work.  Look, Apple is a great place for buying new gadgets, Macs, and phones.  But, don’t be fooled.  They rarely fix iPhones.  They’d rather not waste time, but in reality, they just don’t have the proper skills and experience to repair phones.  So, they push products versus service as that is what sells the most amount of money.

In contrast, we at New York Computer Help love fixing the iPhone 6s.  It is an amazing phone with 3-D haptic touch and a beautiful 6-inch screen.  And we want to keep beautifying it and having is looking perfect for you.  Obviously, we want to serve you and earn your business but in general, you should make an intelligent decision and know all your options when replacing your screen.  If Apple upsells you a refurbished iPhone, then, you’ll lose all your photos, videos, and files you stored on your iPhone if you didn’t save them to iCloud already.  So, keep that in mind.  So, based on this, as well if you want to keep you phone and actually have it repaired, you should go to an iPhone 6s repair shop near you.

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