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Best iPhone apps to help you follow your New Year’s 2014 Resolutions – 2014 resolution apps – Apps to meet new years resolutions – Apps to 2014 computer technology support resolutions


New-Year-2014-tech-resolutionsHappy New Year and welcome back to work!  Or welcome back home or back to your regular daily grind wherever that may be.  Yes, if you haven’t thought about your New Years’ resolution(s) yet, surely someone will ask you about it.  So, you’ll need to think about your personal resolutions and the conversational ones you want to talk about.

All is well and dandy with the weight loss resolutions, the spending more time with family goals, earning more money Best-Apps-for-Resolutionsaspirations, and the fluffy be a better person objectives.  But, how can you actually keep your goals and really stick to them throughout the year.  Without a good plan, you’ll be lost.  Since this is a tech repair and support blog, we’ll take the example of computer technology support can work for you to keep your 2014 resolution.  Hey, I’m tech biased!

Here’s how to actually stick to your 2014 resolutions with iPhone apps:

  • Carrot – A clever iPhone to-do list assistant that will let you remind you when it’s time to exercise or when you’re falling behind with your resolutions and goals.
  • Habit Seed – Want to break a bad habit, such as smoking or drinking.  This app will help you go cold turkey.
  • Motivational Quotes – Need a little inspiration?  Start off your day with this quote-of-the-day app.
  • BUDGT – Need to stay on top of your finances better?  This app will show you where you money is going.
  • Lose It! – The ever-popular weight loss resolution.  Great app to help with this one.
  • Hypnosis – Need to relax more or clear your mind in 2014?  Get this app for that.

These iPhone apps are great handy aids to ensure you’ll meet your 2014 New Years’ resolutions.

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