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Best laptop to buy online – What is best laptop to buy online – Which laptop should I buy online – Best laptop to buy

NYC laptop repair - New York Computer Help - 212-599-0339I usually discuss how to fix your laptop, repair your desktop, or service your computer network.  In the next multi-part blog series, I will talk about which computer to buy if your computer is too expensive to repair; too old; or just time to stick a fork in it. 

When it’s time to move on to a new computer, what’s the best one to get?  I’ll bring up the best laptop and desktop to get.  Do you have time to wait?  Then, buy online.  If you’re in a rush, I’ll bring up the top system to buy in-store.

Let’s begin.  If your laptop has blue-screened beyond NYC laptop repair, your best bet is to buy online, assuming you don’t need it during the same day.  My favorite laptop model to buy is the Dell Latitude.

Why buy the Dell Latitude:

  • Stable – I barely see the Dell Latitude break down.  The hard drive may occasionally fail over several years, but the core motherboard and hardware seems to chug on endlessly.
  • Tremendous value – Yes, you’ll be paying a couple hundred dollars more than other standard laptops, but the typical lives of Latitudes are 4-6 years which is 3 years longer than most.
  • Best warranty – Take advantage of signing up for the 3-year next day warranty.  If a hardware part fails, Dell will dispatch a local NYC laptop technician to swap it out for a new part.
  • Fast shipping – You can opt for the “Ships Fast” option which ships next day.  You will be limited to the specs that are available though.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.