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Best laptops for AutoCAD-learning

Before we learn about the hardware specifications and functionalities of different laptops, let us first revise ourselves as to what AutoCAD is. AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D designing software that is computer-aided.

AutoCAD is one of the first software of its kind, developed by Autodesk in 1982. Today, it is one of the industry-leading computer-aided designing software.

The specific system requirements needed to run this software depends very much on the type of work that you are looking to do with the software. Since this software can be used both for 2D and 3D designing, it is important to know that they both require very different specifications from your computer.

You will be informed about the different hardware components that you should be comparing before getting a new laptop to work on AutoCAD. You will also find laptop recommendations, aimed to help you choose the best one according to your needs.

Hardware Components You Need to Look Out For

●     Processor

The processor is the heart of your laptop. It is basically the one thing that singlehandedly affects the performance of your laptop the most. Currently, the market standard processors are manufactured by Intel and AMD.

Their range of i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors come at different price points and all provide performance value based on their price. Depending on the amount of work that you are willing to do in AutoCAD.

You can choose to get the entry-level i3 processor for basic work; for heavier tasks, you can get the i5 or i7 processor. It is important not to compromise on this element of your laptop.

●     Memory

The memory or the RAM of your laptop is a very important component. The amount of RAM in your laptop defines how fast it can perform and how many applications it can run at the same time.

AutoCAD requires heavy memory specification; so, it is important to have a good amount of RAM memory on your laptop. The recommendation that your laptop should have 16GB RAM for optimum performance with AutoCAD.

Getting a laptop with 16GB RAM can be burdensome, financially. You can also opt for a laptop with 8GB RAM to get started, though lower RAM does affect the performance of the software on your laptop.

●     Storage

There are two types of storage units currently available on commercial laptops – HDD or Hard Disk Drives and SSD or Solid State Drives. They both have different functionalities and price points each offering their own benefits over the other.

HDD has the advantage of being cheaper and bigger in terms of storage as compared to SSD. It has been available in the market for a long time and is reliable and can be trusted upon if the manufacturer is reputable and not an off-market brand.

SSD, on the other hand, comes with the benefit of providing better performance, which means that SSD can help your programs run faster, including the concerned AutoCAD. This type of storage is a more modern product and comes at a higher price point even for lower storage variants. The benefits, however, outweigh the price burden.

It is important to know that even though an SSD upgrade provides better performance, not having it is not a deal-breaker for your laptop. Buying a laptop with an adequate amount of storage is necessary, be it HDD or SSD. The recommended amount of storage to run AutoCAD would be, a minimum of 500GB, extending up to 1TB.

Laptop Recommendations

  • Dell 15.6 inch Gaming Laptop

This Dell laptop comes with an i5 processor and 8GB RAM. It also has an external graphics card of NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M. Better so, it comes with a laptop warranty from the manufacturer. Dell laptop warranties are really comprehensive, which provide protection against any damage to the laptop as long as it is not intentionally damaged.

  • HP Omen 17.3-inch

The HP Omen laptop has a 17.3-inch screen, which has its own benefits. Besides that, it comes with an Intel i7 processor with 8GB RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics card. It is very powerful and can handle even the heaviest of AutoCAD usage. It also comes with other design features, such as a backlit keyboard which is highly sought after in today’s market.

Ending Note

The laptop recommendations provided in this article are of the two price categories, the first being a budget pick and the second one is a higher-priced workstation laptop. Both of these laptops are great for using AutoCAD.

If you are a beginner and are looking to get into learning and using AutoCAD for the first time. It is advisable to go for the budget-friendly option as that can help you get started without a hefty price.

If you are a professional user of AutoCAD and are just looking for upgrading your laptop, the second option can be the one you are looking for.

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