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Best laptops with 2 screens – nyc laptop repair

%image_alt%Beyond iPads and netbooks, the next coolest devices are the 2-screen laptops. That’s right, you can work on 2 screens on your laptop.  For all of you who use 2 monitors for your desktop, this is the same type of functionality.  The cool %image_alt%factor here is that one or both of the screens are touch capable like on an iPad.  The computer setup is easy, the screens just work and are setup out of the box.  Computer experts needs not apply.  It’s all straight-forward.

Here are the top 3 laptops with 2 screens:

  1. The Kno – At 14.1″ and 5.6 pounds, this folding tablet is turning heads.  Priced at $899.
  2. Acer Iconia – Has a 14″ display and serious Intel Core i5 processing, this is the fastest of the lot.  Price unknown.
  3. Toshiba Libretto W105 – Both screens are multi-touch and may be landscape or portrait.  Listed at $1,100.

I love the idea of 2 monitors.  You are so much more productive with this since you can have emails on one screen and go on the Internet with the other.  Or Facebook on one and work on a document with the second screen.  The Acer model offers a real laptop, not a tablet, with the screens.  I’m sure this will be expensive since the price is unknown at this time.  The others are tablet-based and are marked pretty reasonably.

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