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Best Mail App for iPhone – Best Email App for iPhone – Mailbox review – How to get Mailbox – How to set up Mailbox

Best iPhone email appLooking for a better way to handle your iPhone emails?  Whether you have tons of emails to sift through or multiple mailboxes, Mailbox is an app that will take care of everything for you, in an easier fashion.

Why should you use Mailbox?

  • It’s a simple interface.
  • It increases productivity.
  • Great management for email.
  • It supports gestures to delete, archive, or remind.

Note that you can’t just start using Mailbox.  You have go to to the Mailbox website, reserve your spot, get a text with your reservation number, and wait to be notified when you can download it.  Why a reservation?  The app checks email from the cloud and wants to ensure it can handle the load.  So, it’s on a first-come, first-served basis to make sure the email is delivered fast through IMAP.

Another note is that Mailbox only support Gmail.  That will surely change, but at least Gmail is one of the most used email programs out there.

Here’s how to set up Mailbox after you downloaded it:Set up mailbox app for iPhone

  1. Tap blue button to add email account.
  2. Enter email and password.
  3. Allow access.
  4. Click OK to push notifications.
  5. Go through tutorial to learn swiping gestures.

This app is all about simplicity and solid email service management.  I really like it and can’t wait to use it.  I’m already in line waiting to be called!

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