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Best NAS cloud back-up – NAS cloud solution – Best NAS cloud service

Best NAS cloud backup to buy.
New York Computer Help is an expert at setting up NAS devices and cloud backups for them.

Got a NAS (Network attached storage) device, but want to back it up?  A NAS device is a hard drive or up to a few that you can back up files to from your computers.  The better ones, such as the Netgear NAS devices, will mirror the data to a duplicate drive.  That’s all good and well, but what if your whole NAS goes down?  You’ll need to back up your NAS as well.

The best way to back up your NAS is to the cloud.  After all, you don’t want to worry about a manual backup to another NAS device, and you just want to set up your backup and forget about it.  Granted, an online backup is slow for the upload and download, but speed shouldn’t be an issue with your secondary, or possibly triplicate backup.

The best NAS cloud back-up solution is buy a Netgear NAS device and set it up with Symform’s online backup It’s affordable, there’s no file limit, it easily syncs your NAS data, and files are easily accessible.  You get the first 10GB free and then 15 cents per GB / month thereafter.

Keep in mind that you should try to set up your NAS as a mirrored device, not striped.  That way, if one drive fails, the other one will be your duplicate copy.  However, you’ll need a data recovery expert to still retrieve the files.  It won’t just be easily accessible.  So, if you don’t have quick access to a NAS recovery expert, then you should implement another redundant back-up such as this cloud IT solution.

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