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When choosing your cell phone provider, it is easy to just choose the one that a family member has been using.  Or if you’ve been using AT&T or Verizon, or whomever, for ages, why not just continue with them especially since they’ve roped in you in for a two years or so.

But, knowing which cell phone provider is the best may change your mind.  Plus, your exit fees may be nominal and worth the transition to get much better cell phone coverage and IT service According to a Root Wireless metrics tool, you can punch in your zip code and see which cell phone has the best coverage in your area.  This is great.  I didn’t know T-Mobile has the best data coverage in NYC.  Data coverage is the computer service end of your iPhone, Android or other smartphone where you browse the Internet, email, or stream videos.  So, you can find which cell phone company is the best based on your area.

In regard to take-away points from each phone provider, here are notable features for your decision-making:

  • Verizon – Requires a shared data plan for new subscribers.  Limited to international access.  Overall solid coverage in NYC, but poor customer service and overpriced.
  • AT&T – Also has a shared data plan required for new subscribers.  Can rollover unused minutes.  Great tech service and good NYC coverage.
  • Sprint – Offers unlimited calling and data plans.  Most affordable and top phone service, but unpolished in-store tech support.
  • T-Mobile – Also unlimited calling and data plans.  Wi-Fi calling app available when network is weak.  Best priced, best service, but dropped calls are imminent.
  • MetroPCS – CDMA technology offers unlimited talk, text and browsing but you’ll be hit with voice-mail and caller ID extras.  No contracts, but could be “nickeled and dimed”.

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