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Best NYC computer back up service.  New York Computer Help back-up service.Need to back up your computer?  Has your computer crashed and you want to recover your documents and pictures?  No problem!  New York Computer Help is the best NYC computer back-up company.  Why you ask?  Every job is reasonably priced and is done fast and professionally.

Here’s why to go to New York Computer Help for backing up your computer files:

  1. Fast back-up – get your back-up completed in the hour.
  2. Cheap! – Just $85 if your hard drive is physically okay.
  3. Done right – You’ll have professionals with over 20+ years working on your file back-up service.
  4. Convenient – Just pop into 53 East 34th Street in NYC  any day for help.

Keep in mind that just because your computer doesn’t start, it doesn’t mean that you have to have extensive data recovery performed.  More times than not, if your Mac or PC doesn’t start, that could mean your hard drive that contains your files is perfectly fine.  In that case, we can perform a easy full back up at just $85.

We’ll also provide recommendations on how to best back up your files going forward.

Protect your computer from potential threats! Hardware insurance plans starting from $15/month

Need protection from cyber threats? Signup to our Cyber Insurance plans starting from $25/month

Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

53 East 34th Street (Park & Madison), Floor 3 New York, NY 10016

806 Lexington Ave (62nd Street), Floor 3, New York, NY 10065

110 Greene Street Suite 1111, (Floor 11), New York, NY 10012

Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.