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replace computer power supply in NYCHas your desktop power supply failed?  Does your desktop not turn on at all?  Chances are the power supply has died.  There is a slim chance that your processor or motherboard has failed, but I’ll show you a quick way to determine that.

Here’s how to determine if your desktop computer has a power supply failure:

  1. If your desktop has no power, try a different power outlet.  Maybe you’ll get lucky.
  2. If that doesn’t work, make sure your power switch is on a the back of your tower.
  3. If still no power, open up your desktop case while the computer is turned on.  If there is a green, yellow, or amber light inside on your motherboard, that means that the power supply does, in fact, work and either your processor is dead or your motherboard is starting to fail.
  4. If your desktop case shows not light from your motherboard, than your power supply is the culprit and should be replaced.

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