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Best NYC hard drive recovery – cheapest hard drive recovery – how much does a hard drive recovery cost?

%image_alt%A hard drive crash is not a pretty sight.  You’ll find or hear a hard drive issue in many different ways, including: a blue screen of death, clicking sound, or your computer or external hard drive cannot start up all the way.  The end result is all the same:  hard drive recovery is needed to save your timeless photos, important work docs, email contacts, music, and other files.

How exactly is a hard drive charged?  Primarily, it is based on the severity of the job.  But, it is also based on an honest data recovery expert‘s word.  What that means is you want to make sure that the quote is really for the associated work.  For instance, there is a scale of severity, from non-physical to the worst case scenario of mechanical failure.  You want to get a few quotes to ensure an unprofessional tech place doesn’t up-charge you for a mechanical lab recovery although it can be easily recovered by a simple copy/paste method.  You catch the drift, do your research and make sure you can a reasonable quote for your computer hard drive crash.

At New York Computer Help, our NYC data recovery department is pretty systematic with our rates.  Here’s how we charge for hard drive recoveries:

  • Non-physical, non-corrupted hard drive issue – just $85
  • Non-physical, corrupted operating system/files issue – $85 – $200
  • Physical hard drive issue requiring hard drive lab recovery – $200 – $950
  • No data, no charge!

Although I list pricing above, there is no cookie-cutter rate as everything we do is case-by-case.  After all, there is never an identical hard drive crash to another due to the multitude of parts and software processes each drive entails.  For your hard drive recovery, you should always ask the data recovery company for a free diagnostic; get a second opinion; and make sure you are not charged for an unsuccessful recovery.

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