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%image_alt%Do you feel like you’re pressing to hard on your iPhone home button?  The home button or cable connecting it may need to be replaced.  Keep in mind you shouldn’t have to exert force to press your home button.  It should be a gentle touch.  If you press too hard, you could cause your iPhone screen to crack from the pressure.  So, take care of your iPhone home button issue right away before you cause more iPhone damage.

Here’s why you want to fix your iPhone home button with New York Computer Help:

  • Cheapest in NYC – Just $69 and your home button will be like new again.
  • Fastest – Only takes 15 minutes to replace on the spot.
  • Best – Guaranteed and warrantied forever.  If you ever have a home button issue in the future, bring it in for a free follow-up fix.
  • Color choices – If you want to change your white or black home button to a different color, no problem!  We have all the colors to choose from.
  • Original parts – We only use the original Apple factory home button parts.  In turn, you’ll receive the best quality parts and service.

Stop by New York Computer Help for the best, fastest, and cheapest iPhone home button replacement / fix

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.