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Best NYC Mac repair – Best NYC Mac repairs – Best NYC Mac service – How to find the best NYC Mac help

%image_alt%Getting Mac support in NYC isn’t always the easiest proposition.  It should be, but there are a lot of fish in the sea so I’m here to help you narrow down your choices.  When looking for NYC Mac service, you may need a Mac expert for a spinning wheel, to set up a new Mac, network a Mac for the company, or another Apple service.

When hiring a Mac expert, I recommend using the following thoughts as your guide to find the best NYC Mac help:

  • Get a real Mac guru.  Oftentimes, a computer service company will send out a generalist who is good with both PC’s and Mac’s.  Although your Mac issue may seem simple, if you don’t hire a true, dedicated Mac technician, your simple issue may take longer and may not be the final resolution you’re looking for.  So, make sure your tech is a native Mac thinker and doer and has he experience to back it up.
  • Hippies need not apply.  PC guys are stuffy and Mac guys are hippies.  Yes, this is an extreme generalization, but some Mac guys fit this persona, aiming to be the next Steve Jobs.  Make sure your Mac tech has solid people skills who cares by speaking with him over the phone a few minutes for visiting you.
  • Make sure there’s backup.  Don’t hire the one-man show.  If he goes AWOL or is busy, who’s going to show you the love.  Make sure your Mac guy works in a company who has substitutes in case you have an urgent issue when your main Mac guy is busy.

Those are the big three points to look out for when hiring your Mac guy.  If you want one superior solution, New York Computer Help is your best choice.

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