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Got an office?  Check.  Got computers?  Check.  Are your computers working okay?  Hmmm, nope.  Office computer support is a office-computer-repair-nyctricky topic.  Do you pay for when you only have issues?  Do you pay in advance for an NYC office computer maintenance plan?  What’s the most cost-efficient way?

  • Small or big office?  If you have 1 -5 computers, paying as you go when issues comes up is a good choice.  Having computer maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis is not a bad idea to ensure everything is running properly.  6 – 20 computers typically requires more upkeep so having office computer maintenance weekly or biweekly is a solid precautionary system.
  • Demanding users or easygoing?  If your computer users constantly have IT questions, a periodic schedule is a smart thing to have to reduce overall stress, taking care of a rolling list of computer issues.
  • Constant issues or smooth sailing?  If your office is getting slammed with computer viruses non-stop, you can take a hybrid approach, setting up proactive system maintenance until everything is secure.  Then, you can pay as you go for as-needed computer issues.

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