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Best onsite computer repair service – checklist to find best computer repair onsite

%image_alt%Finding a reputable onsite computer repair company isn’t always the easiest to track down.  There are smurfloads of computer service companies listed on the Internet.  How do you narrow them down to find the best onsite computer service?

I’ve come up with two checklists.  One is how to filter out the online search quickly.  Then, the next checklist includes the questions to ask the potential computer service company.

Checklist #1:  How to narrow down the online results of onsite computer companies.

  1. Use specific keywords. If looking for an NYC company, type in Google: nyc onsite computer repair.  Better yet, if you have a virus, you can type in nyc onsite computer virus removal.  Make sure to type in your specific city or zip code along with onsite and the computer issue.
  2. Look for companies, not one consultant. Make sure your company is not a one-person show.  Time is of the essence so you’ll want to make sure there is backup in case of future emergencies.  If the website shows just a name or one person, then move on.  You’ll want a company with at least 5-10 technicians on-hand.  This will %image_alt%ensure reliability and not a fly by night company.
  3. Do others like them? Check out reviews on Citysearch, Yelp, and Google about your prospective company.  One or two bad reviews are common if the company has been around for a while, but look for any similar unsatisfactory comments and steer clear.

Checklist #2.  Questions to ask your top three onsite computer repair company selections:

  1. How many technicians are on staff? 15 – 30 is a good number.  You want a good amount of technicians to be able to handle same-day onsite support and emergency requests.  But, you don’t want too many techs where you’ll also feel like a number (i.e. Geek Squad), and may only get a one week turn-around.  Under 5 technicians may also result in long response times.  Yes, the customer demand will dictate how busy the techs are, but a company won’t keep many technicians on staff, such as 20-30 techs, if they weren’t busy since it would be too expensive.
  2. Are you licensed and insured? Having the appropriate licensing will demonstrate the company’s dedication and expertise.  If you have a Mac network, ask if the company is Apple certified.  If you have a Windows server, ensure the company is Microsoft Certified.  In the end, I feel that more experience trumps licensing, but at least this shows the company is serious about certifying its techs.  Business insurance is also important to ensure your are covered if anything goes awry, you are protected.%image_alt%
  3. How much? Most onsite computer repair companies will charge hourly rates which is absolutely fine.  Of course, the price will be dictated by city, but you should find a company whose rate is the same for all services or not hard to follow.  For instance, if you have a company who charges $125/hour whether for desktop support or server support, that is the company for you.  Why? That means the same technician is capable of supporting your entire network and you won’t have to worry about tricky pricing, tiered techs, or stagnant issues.  If a company offers lots of different rates depending on email issue, server install, or consulting, then that means you should expect lots of hands stirring the pot for your company, leading to an expensive and long journey.  Also, don’t just look for the lowest rate.  That might result in a one-person show or lack of expertise.  Look more for a company that offers one rate across the board no matter what the service is.  Be leery of  flat fees since a lot of a la cart services typically are added afterwards.

Beyond the x’s and o’s, you should feel a sense of comfort from the person you talk to.  Do they show empathy and good customer service?  You want to work with a company who genuinely cares and is dedicated to provide great support.  So, the first impression in speaking with the company should be factored into your decision-making.

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