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Best photo sharing website – Picasa Web Album

%image_alt%For its ease of use, Picasa is the best photo sharing website out there. All you need is a free Gmail email account and you’ll get 1GB of free photo storage.  More storage is very reasonable at $5 for 20GB, $20 for 80GB, and other rates.  What’s nice is you don’t have to be a computer expert to know how to use it.  Hey, my Dad uses it!  Okay, with a little guidance.  But, it’s cheap and it works.  You can keep photo albums private or public; edit, scale, and nicely organize your photos.

What else is available? If you’re looking for something with more bells and whistles, here are the top 3 advanced photo sharing websites:%image_alt%

  1. SmugMug – If you’re a professional photographer or aspiring to be one, check out the 14-day trial.  Nice, clean interface with high resolution images.  At $40/year at a minimum, it is worth it if you feel Flickr and Picasa bore you.
  2. Flickr – Yahoo’s photo website allows free accounts with some limitations, or pay $25/year for unlimited storage and add-ons.  Video sharing is possible, but overall lacks some of the SmugMug %image_alt%functionality.
  3. Photobucket – A long-timer that has allowed lots of artsy backgrounds and designs to dress up photos.  You may store photos and videos for free.  A plus is the easy ability to link Facebook and Twitter to your albums.

Most of these photo albums sites have the ability to mark your photos or videos private or public.  Keep that in mind so you’re not the next Paris Hilton nude video tape to go public!  Also, as per technical support, these photo sites mostly offer online tech service support or FAQ’s.  So, don’t try searching for a helpdesk support number, and have a little patience to tinker around a bit.

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