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Best place in NYC to buy used / refurbished laptops?

Best place in NYC to buy used / refurbished laptopsYou know you’re due for a new computer.  Your laptop is slower than it used to be and maybe it’s making some strange noises as well.  Whatever the reason for it ceasing to work like it used to, you know your baby is no longer, well, a baby.

But, do you really need to buy a spanking, brand new laptop?  Does the cost validate it?  Well, not always.  Obviously, everyone uses laptops for different reasons.  Different strokes for different folks.  Do you remember Different Strokes with Mr. Drummond and Arnold.  A classic.  Too bad most of the cast is either dead or on some kind of addiction.  Okay, I am seriously digressing here.  The point is if you don’t need the fastest PC or Mac, then buying a used or refurbished laptop may be right for you.

Now, let’s define used and refurbished.  As you can imagine, used is well used.  Someone has used it and it is supposed still able to function. Refurbished is a laptop that has been fixed and now working again.

Just as a car goes down at least half in value as soon as you drive it out of the factory lot, so does a laptop.  Keep that in mind.  You should be looking for 50% off of a similarly spec’ed out laptop.

At our laptop shop in NYC, we offer the following benefits in buying a used or refurbished laptop:

  • 50% off a new laptop
  • 60-day instant warranty
  • Certified computer expert tests all parts to ensure it is 100% working
  • Receive installed operating system, Microsoft Office, and anti-virus software
  • Test drive it to make sure you’re comfortable
  • We can help transfer old computer files over

Refurbished laptop

Stop in at New York Computer Help, 53 East 34th Street in NYC to pick up your affordable used / refurbished laptop.  Prefer to see what laptops we have available?  No problem, check out our refurbished laptop NYC store.  Best part about our store is that every laptop advertised is available.  That also means each on is one of a kind so get it while it lasts!

Protect your computer from potential threats! Hardware insurance plans starting from $15/month

Need protection from cyber threats? Signup to our Cyber Insurance plans starting from $25/month

Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

53 East 34th Street (Park & Madison), Floor 3 New York, NY 10016

806 Lexington Ave (62nd Street), Floor 3, New York, NY 10065

110 Greene Street Suite 1111, (Floor 11), New York, NY 10012

Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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