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Getting kids to learn could be challenging.  If it doesn’t deal with a television or keep their interest more than 2 minutes, then you may be out of luck.  Luckily, I’m here to share some iPhone apps that work wonders for your kids.  First, kids love playing with iPhones.  Hey, it’s a gadget that’s bright and shiny.  Need I say more.  And you’ll be able to sneak some educational lessons into their brains without them knowing it.  The most important task for a kid is learning how to read.  So, the recommendations below will deal with helping your child learn how to read.

Here’s my top 5 “learning how to read” apps for kids:

  1. Words – Sample books for free to help your kids learn how to read.
  2. First Letters and Phonics – Get your child singing about the sounds and shapes of letters.
  3. Alpha Writer – Phonetic writing is the strategy here.  Your kid will also learn how to read while being sidetracked with beautiful background images.
  4. Free Books – Access over 20,000 classic stories with big legible text and gorgeous book cover art.
  5. Bumblebee Touchbook – Your child can touch a word or page to hear it spoken.  It’s almost like an instant teacher.

All the apps are either free or, on average, $1 each.  Definitely a great iPhone support or iPad support app to buy for your child.  These apps are primarily for the ages of 3 – 6, or really when your child is ready to read, or at least when Mommy or Daddy is ready to start with the reading process.

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