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Best stolen iPhone app – best iphone jailbreak app – iGotYa review – iphone support

iGotYa is still the best iPhone app for finding your stolen iPhone. It was initially released in October 2010 %image_alt%from Cydia, but there have been no viable contenders.  If your iPhone is stolen, this app will automatically take a picture of the thief, after three failed password attempts, and then silently email you it along with his or her location. 

This app will only work if your iPhone has a front facing camera. That means it is iPhone 4 support compatible and higher.  There is no iPhone 3GS support or iPhone 3G compatibility since those models do not have front facing cameras.  Oh yeah, you have to jailbreak your iPhone first.  That rules me out on the jailbroken prereq, but if you’re determined to still go ahead with this, you’ll be very pleased with this app.

The cool factor of this app is how it takes advantage of Google maps to acquire the location of the perpetrator. Then, without sounding the alarm, emails you the coordinates and mug shot.  Another nice factor is that this app prevents the thief from turning of your phone so they cannot force restart it in DFU/Recovery mode.  That mode allows it to go to the factory settings so it can be easily sold.

I definitely recommend getting this app.  At $5.99, it acts as a great safeguard for your iPhone.  If you don’t have a password, don’t worry, it will prompt you to create one to have it work for you.

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