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Best Tech Blog to Sponsor Guest Blog Posts – Contribute now

where to find sponsored blog post opportunities

Finding your niche shouldn’t be hard when positing a guest blog. But, finding the right company may be tricky.

My company at New York Computer Help has been publishing current tech content for decades on its blog. Not only is it chock-full of insider IT support and news content, but each blog typically hits page 1 for its targeted key words.

Getting right to the point here, you want your guest post to have exposure. It’s not just about backlinks or getting your name out there. You want to make sure your blog contribution is ranked, plain and simple. If Google doesn’t see it as a top page, your content is just among the rest, unseen. Be seen with the right blog.

With the New York Computer Help blog, you’ll piggyback on these advantages:

best blog to stay updated on technology

-A well known, popular NYC IT resource since 2000

-Reputable, trusted, credible 5-star Yelp top company

-All blogs rank on top 3 pages for targeted keywords

-Approximately 15,000 – 20,000 page views per month

-Unique SEO optimization add-ons

Not only will you be able to showcase your company’s content, but you can also push the SEO envelope more with New York Computer Help’s SEO team. This means you can put your blog up and also optimize the heck out of it to get your links and company or product actually discovered.

What does New York Computer Help ask in return?

sponsored blog posts
  1. Mainly, a nicely well-written genuinely toned article that is tech-related. Links to gambling, sex, and the like are prohibited.
  2. Minimum of 300 words.
  3. 1 image.
  4. Unique content that will only be posted once here and nowhere else.
  5. 1 do-follow link.

Who is New York Computer Help good for?

  • Tech companies
  • Electronic companies
  • New powered product launches
  • IT news companies
  • Guest Blogger outreach companies
  • New York companies
  • Customer service companies
  • Small businesses

How is New York Computer Help unique?

  • SEO-heavy – You have the opportunity to get ranked high with one of the best in the IT industry for SEO optimization.
  • All direct – There are no brokers or middle-people here. You pay for what you get. You speak directly to New York Computer Help. No need to pay more for agents, managers, or outreach agencies.
  • In-house writers – Need someone to write your blog for you? Just provide main points and get it written for you.
  • Tons of upgrades – Want to really optimize your post? Add lots of images? More links? You have lots of upgrades to take advantage of.

Get the process started now. Just fill out some quick info and New York Computer Help will provide further steps on how to contribute to the best tech blog.

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