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Best tracking software for children – Best children tracking software – best children surveillance software – best children spy software

%image_alt%I’ll be the first to say I’m against spying on your own children.  But, the difficult question is whether you should implement some safeguards to ensure your children’s safety.  Currently, the Internet doesn’t afford such protection nor should you, as a parent, entrust social media to perform your Internet parenting for you.

Should some of those “safeguards” you implement include spying on your children to protect them against potential Internet predators or those with evil intent?  If you don’t spy on your children in person, what gives you the right to spy on them on the Internet?  I’m sure you have your own answers to these questions.  This surely is a topic of great importance and debate.

We have clients who set up tracking software on kids, cheating husbands, and employee goofballs.  Out of all the lucky tracked candidates, parents have the most software options as there are a multitude of children tracking software available.

Here are the best children tracking software to use, if you choose to go the spy route:

  • UKnowKids – This is the total social media monitor.  It tracks all activity on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.  It also tracks phone and text history.
  • MinorMonitor – Track your kids’ Facebook account to protect against bullying or alcohol references.
  • textPlus – Does your child have an iPhone?  This will copy each text to you.
  • PhoneSheriff – For $50, you can install this software from your smartphone and your kid’s smartphone and get an all-around tracking experience.  GPS locations, emails, texts, call details, and all other details in stealth mode.

All the software is free except for PhoneSheriff.  PhoneSheriff impressed me the most since it doesn’t have to be an iPhone install to another iPhone.  It can be from iPhone to Android or Blackberry.  I like it’s mobile cross operating system support.

All the software operates in stealth mode which brings up another debate.  Should you inform your children you are spying on them?  I feel your children should know you are putting protection into place to prevent strangers from contacting them.  I’m not a proponent of tracking your child’s every text and phone call.  An occasional GPS track when going to a new place or check on Facebook to ensure a strange, older guy is not friending your kid is probably sufficient.  Smothering your child will not be good for anyone in the long-run.  Moderation is key.  I will now step off my soapbox and bid you a good day!

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