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Here was my dilemma:  I had a couple of TV’s with DVR, but couldn’t keep track of which shows were recorded on which TV.  Then, I always ran out of space, leaving my Mentalist and 90210 shows out to dry.  Yes, that’s right, I’m a big 90210 fan and can’t get enough of it!  I actually think the new episodes are better than the Brandon and Dylan days.  But, I must not digress here.  Back to my TV technology issue.  The point is I couldn’t keep track of saved episodes and listing the saved programs weren’t easy to see when they are or were recorded.  I really just needed a guide to see which shows were coming out so I could keep track and watch them real time.  By recording so many shows, I would constantly get swamped and felt like I was always behind.

Not any more!  Thanks to a recommendation by one of our in-house computer technicians, I am not happily using SideReel It is a TV program guide where you can easily watch your programs online if you can’t catch them on TV.  You can download them through iTunes or Hulu Plus.  Or you can find them for free via the  website.

I installed the free SideReel app on my iPhone and can easily see the overall TV schedule as well as my favorites.  I won’t be missing any more 90210 episodes!  The schedule is easy to see and the overall tech setup is easy to program which shows you want to target.

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