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Best waterproof iPhone case – Best waterproof iPhone 4S case – Best waterproof iPhone 4 case

%image_alt%Going to the pool?  Beach?  Bathroom?  These three potential iPhone threats are always lurking.  Where there’s water, there’s potential trouble.  We have many customers bringing in iPhone issues due to toilet droppage, beach waves, and pool dives. You wouldn’t believe how many people forget their iPhones are still in their pockets while taking a dip!

Now, you can fight water spills for your iPhone with the LifeProof case.  Let me first say that this spillage protection doesn’t come cheap at the list price of $80.  That being said, you can find it cheaper online for $59.  But, hey, if you’re a bit clutzy in the liquid spill domain, then this case will save you in the long run instead of having to buy a replacement iPhone.

Here’s the skinny on the Lifeproof iPhone case:

  • Protects against spills, scratches, dirt, ice, and debris.%image_alt%
  • You can take it under water with you!
  • Withstands falls of up to 7 feet
  • Take videos under water
  • Listen to music under water with special waterproof headphones

Here are the drawbacks of the case.  The buttons are hard to press and you the screen goes in lock mode under water.  I’m not happy with the buttons being tough to press.  But, in regard to the water lock mode, it does that to protect the phone.  Plus, you can start your iPhone in video mode and press record and it will continue to record video under the water.  So, you have an instant under-water camera.  Very cool.

My recommendation is to use this case when going to the beach, pool, or other water area.  That way, you’re protected.  As an every day iPhone service case, it is not due to the difficulty in pressing its buttons.  That being said, if you love the water, this case is certainly for you.

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