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Best way to get IT support for my remote staff employees – post COVID

Yup, this is where we’re at. COVID has reared its ugly head, we’re still copying and persevering through it. What should your company do with all of its remote staff? Your team is spread out individually all over the place. How can you still have some order with IT support for your remote workforce?

The funny part about this challenge is that since 2000, New York Computer Help frowned upon just phone support for providing tech support. Why? We’re in-face, friendly techs. More importantly, we always felt it was like a lazy way of taking care of companies. It would typically just happen reactively when questions or issues would arise. After all, our team is super proactive and prefer to be out and about in offices. Teaching and showing how we accomplished fixes and IT strategies is what made us go that extra step our customers love.

But, with COVID forcing us to the safety of our homes, working through a remote IT support strategy is the way to go here.

Here are the big no no’s of remote support to watch out for when strategizing:

  1. Don’t just get phone support. Make sure you have an IT provider who will also remotely log into your computer when needed. For ongoing support, you should ensure your tech has dedicated access. This way, you don’t have to waste time every time to log him in.
  2. If you have a full-fledged team that used to get periodic computer maintenance, part-time, or full-time IT support, then don’t stop that! Remote support doesn’t have to be reactive. It is more important than before to keep that constant proactive IT support. Productivity is key. Knowing there is still an IT presence will allow your folks to continue performing at their top levels.
  3. Locking down security issues is more crucial than ever. After all, your remote workers are remoting into company sites, databases, and online areas that you’ll need to ensure there are no infections and issues from their computers. Anything amiss from their computers could infect your company systems. Remember, you’re not in an office any more where there are standard systems and images. Who knows what your folks are doing at home on their computers. Whatever the case, you’ll need to ensure your company systems they access are safe.
  4. Have a main IT liaison at your company. There should be one member of your company who keeps a list, a schedule, and prioritize which tasks your IT provider should take care of. Multiple contacts will muddy the process and not get the more critical tasks done faster.

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