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Best way to search files on computer – computer search tricks

%image_alt%Over time, we load so much stuff on our computers that it may be challenging locating what you need.  Gmail has figured out this dilemma by just letting you search for your email, contact, or file.  But, for computers, is there a gmail-like application that can help you find your document, video, picture, or accounting file?

I’ve put together the top five search applications you can use for tracking down files when you want to.  That means you can save your file wherever you please.  Heck, the next time you save your file, don’t even look where you’re storing it and just choose one of these apps below to find it for you.

5 Best Computer search programs:

  1. FileLocator Pro – If you want to pull up searches from text within documents, emails, and other files, this one’s for you.  If you’re an attorney, reporter, or work heavily in Word, you have to check this time-saver app out.  This $39 program is the only paid one from the list, and worth every penny.%image_alt%
  2. Google Desktop – If you like Gmail, you’ll love Google Desktop.  It brings back searches just like from Google web searches.  Very cool.  Hey, it’s Google!
  3. Void Tools Everything – If you want a no-frills, 3-second search or less app, this one’s for you.  It’s not pretty, but it’s functionally sound.
  4. Launchy – For a spin on start menu icons, this allows you to customize Word and other apps to search for right away.  Worth exploring and can be used alongside another search program.
  5. UltraFileSearch – This programmer-friendly software will scour plain text files, databases, and other low-level formats.  Helpful for finding buggy code or addresses from databases.

All of these search programs are PC-support friendly.  Sorry Mac support fans, but it looks like the Apple experts are just relying on Mac’s Spotlight for searching files.  I imagine Windows has so many programs because it is easier to disorganize your files quickly on Windows computers so PC tune-ups and file organizers are really needed.

The best part about these search files is that you really don’t have to worry about organizing your files again.  Just live up being messy with your files and folders, and use one of these file searchers.  It’s almost like having an instant file organizer without the IT issues or trouble.

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