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Best way to use Spotify – How to use Spotify – Spotify how to – Spotify tricks / tips / features

Computer / phone spotify setup - features - tricksSpotify is in my top 3 tech support arsenal for my music listening pleasure.  Correction, streaming listening pleasure.  Sure, there is iTunes and others, but if you don’t have time and just want to listen to the latest and greatest without sacrificing your own holiday wish list gift for it, Spotify is for you.

Here’s how to use Spotify to the fullest:

  • Anty up to the $10/month Premium package.  No ads, get music on your iPhone, Android, or other phone and access it without an Internet connection.  Plus, you can hook it up to your Sonos or other home stereo system.
  • Import over your iTunes songs.  You don’t need to lose your playlist.  Just import them in by doing this:  File->Import Playlists->iTunes.  Then, you can stream or select which of your favorite songs to play.
  • Organize your playlists.  File->New Playlist Folder.  It’s a page from the Apple support‘s playbook, but it works.
  • What are you friends listening to?  Click “On Spotify” and navigate to “People” to see what’s hot.
  • Search by title, album or artist to find anything track you want.  You don’t have to wait for it to pop up.
  • Load Spotify Apps.  Digster, TuneWiki, Tweetvine, We Are Hunted, and Playmysong are several that will find songs by moods, playlists, lyrics, concerts, and other advanced tools.
  • Subway dweller?  No prob, just select Available Offline to create an offline playlist to listen to music while underground or out of cell service.

I’ve done the math and I’m no numbers genius.  It costs, on average, $10 to buy an album on iTunes.  It is same price to have a Premium account on Spotify.  That makes sense to me.  Now, I just need to figure out how to keep my new Jabra bluetooth headphones on my ears.  It doesn’t help to have tiny ears to hoist up big elephant, wrap-around ear-headphones!

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