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Best way to work with a website designer – How to work with a website designer – Steps to take with a website designer

How to best work with your website designer.
How to best work with your website designer.

Looking to start your own website, but just don’t have the technical support savvy?  Yes, you can try to go online and find a do-it-yourself website design template, but do you really have the time and patience?

So, you’ll need to hire a website designer.  Finding a reputable website designer is a challenge in itself, but assuming you find the right website designer, you’ll need to follow three steps in order to have the right relationship to get to the glorious end in sight, or site, should we say.

Here’s the best way to work with a website designer:

  1. Spell out the contract.  Just don’t sign and assume everything will be followed up to the initial conversation you had with the web designer.  I have seen many customers get burnt with pie-in-the-sky objectives to only realize they were left with a dull 5-page website.
  2. If you have artistic ideas, define them.  Another ball drop is waiting to see if your web designer will “get” your artistic flow.  He or she is not a mind reader and keep in mind that art is very subjective.  In that regard, draft what your home page should look like or how the pattern of your navigation buttons should look.  Art is subjective so it’s up to you to teach your designer what you like.
  3. Clarify the fine print.  You need to be on the same page with the overall cost and if there are any monthly fees involved.  Plus, ask what future updates or corrections will cost.  You’ll definitely want a good relationship for the times you’ll need future web tech support, and believe me, you’ll definitely have the need for additional work down the road.

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