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Best Windows 8 Apps – The apps you need to install on your Windows 8

%image_alt%If your one of the bleeding edge Windows 8 service consumers, you must figure out which apps to load up.  It’s a different world from the Apple store as you won’t be inundated with a zillion category of apps.  But, you still need to know which direction to go or else you may wind up with some lame, sluggish apps.

Here’s my top 8 list for the best Windows 8 Apps to install on your computer, tablet, and phone:

  1. WeatherBug – Best weather app for the PC.  You may remember this one as the program that used to hover on the bottom-right of your PC.  Yup, this is the same one in app form.  Quick temperature, potential rain, and quick forecast here.
  2. Netflix – Not a new app, but this is the main Windows apps for streaming your movies and shows.
  3. Kindle – Go with this one for the best e-reader of the bunch.
  4. TED Talks – A unique app that showcases the top industry leaders presenting their products and services.  It gives you a look at where the industry is headed.
  5. Box – Best cloud storage and collaboration app.  It easily integrates with Microsoft’s SkyDrive.
  6. Map – Top Map app for navigation.
  7. Evernote – Lets you organize your life.
  8. Remote DesktopAccess your PC from anywhere.

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