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Better apps to use than the iPhone apps – Replace Apple’s apps – Best apps to use instead of Apple’s / default apps

iPhone app support nycYour iPhone comes with its own apps.  The Apple support team believes these are enough to live with, but I beg to differ.  Yes, you can get by with Safari, Mail, and Apple Maps, but why use less-than-superior products if you can upgrade.

Here are the better apps to use than the iPhone-supplied ones:

  • Use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps.  Google allows a subway overlay which really improves upon the map app.  It’s quick and shows you accurately where you’re headed.
  • Use Chrome instead of Safari.  You can easily sync your Bookmarks and preferences from your desktop and iPhone.
  • Gmail instead of Mail.  No reason why not to get all your gmail and in one place, and easily hop to your contacts when needed.
  • Fantastical instead of Calendar.  More vibrant with colors and easy to manage your appointments.
  • Camera+ instead of Camera.  Easily edit and scale photos.
  • Clear instead of Reminders.  Customize when they appear and how to look.
  • Evernote instead of Notes.  Easily integrates with your email.
  • Addappt instead of Contacts.  More social integration and tools.

The Apple service team better come up with better native apps or else their apps will be trumped forever.

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