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Biggest computer myths – computer myths – Top computer myths – Top 3 computer myths

top-computer-mythsThe computer technology industry is ever-changing and has tons of information.  In trying to keep up with the Jones’ of computer geeks, some may embellish or get the facts a little wrong.  In doing so, rumors spread and some of them take on their own reputations of their own.  We then have what is called computer myths.  Computer myths are things some people make up, believe, and throw into the rumor mill, but, in the end, is really not true at all.

Here are the top 3 computer myths:

  1. My computer is slow.  Just defrag it!  Yeah, that won’t cut it in most cases.  Plus, Macs and newer PCs don’t defrag any longer.  Further, defrag could cause damage to files if the hard drive is failing.  Defragging will help in rare cases on older PC’s where the files are fragmented.
  2. My hard drive is dead.  Just throw it in the freezer.  Ah yes, the ol’ freeze the hard drive and get all your files myth.  This will kill your hard drive faster than Lindsay Lohan checks into another rehab facility!
  3. Macs don’t get viruses.  Not true.  It’s just that PC’s have gotten more over time.  We have seen many virus infected-Macs, mostly file-related viruses versus operating system ones.  That being said, Macs are generally safer than Macs against computer viruses.

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