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Biggest Football Stadium TV screen – Biggest TV screen in the world

biggest-nfl-stadium-tv-screenI take a moment to spotlight the biggest TV screen in the world and by all means the biggest NFL or any other stadium for that matter.  I thought the Dallas Cowboys had the nicest TV screen that spans about 50-70 years and is right in the middle of the field.  But, the Jacksonville Jaguars just put Jerry Jones and the so-called America’s team to shame with its own humongous 362-foot wide LED screen.  Ridiculous!

Keep in mind that a football field is 100 yards long.  If my math serves me correct, that is 300 feet.  So, this screen is even bigger than the field and is installed in opposite ends of the stands.  There is no missing any moment from these beastly screens.  There will be a 44-foot scoreboard and the ability to have three HD feeds side-by-side to show separate videos.  Good luck to the tech support guys who have to maintain this bleeding edge tech service.

The TV screens are built by Daktronics.  The Jags are definitely upgrading EverBank Field nicely.  They’re also throwing in wooden decks with wading pools and water activities.  Well, I guess you have to keep the fans busy when your team stinks.  This is coming from a New York Giants fan!

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