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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

New York Computer Help reviewI perused the stores today for Black Friday deals, namely computer tech geek stuff, such as computers and smart TV’s.  I really wasn’t impressed with what I found.  Best Buy and Target really just offered the same deals it did before.  Plus, most deals on the TV’s were on 32-inch screen and lower ones, ones that really don’t appeal to most households.  The Windows Surface tablet was advertised heavily in the Columbus Circle TimeWarner Mall and Staples.  It really is a cool tablet up close and especially with all the colors to choose from.  The Apple support stores really didn’t offer big-time discounts as suspected with just $20 – $30 discounts across the board on its product lines.

So, I’m hoping Cyber Monday will have better deals.  Certainly, the inventory will be available whereas the best in-store deals were pretty much gone by noon on Black Friday.  My computer service advice is to wait until Monday for your deal.  If you don’t find the deal you’re looking for on Cyber Monday, don’t fret as history has it that products’ pricing decreases again right after Christmas in early January.  Why?  Stores need to empty out their old product lines to make room for the upcoming year’s products.  So, the price decline will hopefully sway discount shoppers to purchase the older, last-year models.  The take-home message here is to have patience.  If you wait long enough, and have some wiggle room with the models or types of gadgets you can buy, you’ll score the best product at a bargain-basement price.

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