DIY - when to do it on my own

When to DIY computer fix and when not to.

January 7th, 2019 by Joe Silverman

Not sure if you’re up to the task for your own DIY computer fix? Here’s when to do it on your own. And then there’s the list when you should leave it to the real techs. We’ve had tons of DIY’ers come to us, heads down, all embarrassed with their failed DIY attempts, asking for…

best sites to buy cheapest laptops at best values

Best Sites to Buy Cheapest Laptops – and Still at Great Values – Holiday Shopping Tips

December 10th, 2018 by Joe Silverman

Need to buy a laptop for the Holidays?  Don’t get fooled by bad deals.  Here are the best sites to buy the cheapest laptops…still at great values. You’ll want to check out the deals from the major hitters, the big five sites: Amazon Walmart Overstock TigerDirect TechBargains Yes, Amazon is still King but the four…

Macbook broken screen repair in NYC

Broken MacBook Screen Fix in NYC – What’s the Process?

December 7th, 2018 by Joe Silverman

Your MacBook has a broken screen.  It happens.  And it happens often.  After all, we are tied down to our Macs every minute.  Alright, let’s not get into curbing screen time now.  Let’s talk about where you can go and what the process should be like. If you live in New York City, what are…

Homepod setup instructions

Apple HomePod review: Is it for you?

December 3rd, 2018 by Joe Silverman

When you walk into the Apple Store, the HomePod is obnoxiously poking you at all corners of the store.  It is everywhere. Does it match up to the $100 Amazon Echo?  Or the $199 Sonos One? Or even the $399 Google Home Max? The HomePod itself is $349.  And of course it’s powered by Siri…

Out of warranty computer repair - Where to go now

Out-of-Warranty Computer Repair Service: Where Do You Go When Your Computer Warranty Runs Out?

November 28th, 2018 by Joe Silverman

We enjoy a good service warranty like everyone else.  A television warranty is a must.  A refrigerator warranty is definitely needed.  A computer service warranty is also a great thing.  But, when the warranty runs out, what are your options? Can you still get service from your manufacturer? You can certainly try.  But, keep in…