SpeechTek 2007: Speech recognition as a working technology solution

Are you ready to talk to your computer?  How about implementing a speech recognition for your company.  Speech technology strategies will soon be used along side or in replacement for typing on a keyboard when navigating around a computer or sharing folders on a network. 

You might have heard about Dragon software or other software that will type for you.  The exhibit, SpeechTek 2007, goes beyond that to open you up to a speech technology support environment for your business or computer network.  Speakers will show how speech recognition, audio search, and dialog management may be used to share documents on a server, search for pictures by title, open up contacts in a database, on many other rich features. 

One main benefit of speech computer solutions is being able to multi-task more.  By voicing commands, the computer user is able to use his hands for other tasks, such as jotting down notes, making phone calls, and typing on the keyboard for other commands.  Also, voice commands will allow productivity for those who are unable to type or see the monitor well.

This event runs from August 21-22, 2007 at the New York Marriot Marquis.  You may pre-register at the Marriot Marquis on August 19 – 20 or pick up your tickets during the show.

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