When is the iPhone 5 coming? iPhone 5 release date is end of June / July – iphone service nyc

%image_alt%%image_alt%The iPhone 5 is coming out.  When is the million dollar question.  All the die-hard Apple support afficionados and regular phone consumers want to know.  Our Mac experts received information revealing the iPhone 5 launch date will be in the end of June or July.  That makes perfect sense since the last 4 years have shown the new iPhones come out also during the same June and July months.

As per the iPhone itself, the heavily anticipated new iOS operating system is the reason of the unknown exact date of launch.  This iOS is supposed to be the most important launch since the original one in 2006.  It is a complete redesign of the iPhone 4 service which may or may not be a good thing since the iPhone 4 is a great iOS.  Other notable features include a larger 4-inch screen and faster processor.

As for the design, we have seen prototypes showing glossy, black front and back panels.  The Antenna iPhone issue is expected to be resolved so less dropped calls occur when gripping the phone too tightly.

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