LinkedIn vs. Monster – Which is the better online recruiting website?

I have been using Monster for over a decade to find qualified desktop support and IT professionals.  But, my tune has changed with the introduction of LinkedIn.  At first, I labelled LinkedIn as just a way to make work contacts, or professional networking.  Then, I was informed that it can be used as a way to find computer support specialists.  At first, I was hesitant to use LinkedIn as a recruiting resource, but I was shocked to find how specialized your search can be.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of LinkedIn vs. Monster for recruiting:

  1. Cost – Winner, LinkedIn – Whether you’re looking for resumes or posting jobs, you are looking at paying $4-500 at a minimum.  Monster has offered 2-week postings for 25% off, but that’s still a pretty premium for finding candidates.  You can get by for free on LinkedIn by posting your jobs to relevant groups of the skills sets you are looking for.  Some groups ask for a $25 or more job posting fee.  If you don’t want to take the time to post jobs and want to search talent, you can search candidates at $50/monthly.
  2. Finding specialty roles – Winner, LinkedIn – Recently, I needed to fill a Wise packaging role where the technician needs to know how to recreate software applications to be tailored to the banking institution we represent.  Monster’s best category to search for was computer programmer.  LinkedIn has 3 different Wise packaging groups to join and find candidates.  Monster has given up on sub-categorizing its job roles, making hard-to-find skills very difficult to capture.
  3. Accessible clients – Winner, LinkedIn – On LinkedIn, you can check in with companies to see if they’re looking to hire.  Contacting them is easy, and you can reach real people in HR directly.  Yes, you can do so on Monster also, but that’s not protocol since Monster only wants you to apply for jobs.

In general, more folks are moving towards LinkedIn as a recruiting resource.  Even if HR and recruiters are posting on Monster, they most likely still have a hand in LinkedIn with the same job role.  LinkedIn is a more interactive way to find talent directly or through your current network.  Monster is like the old traditional job site while LinkedIn has become the new, revolutionary recruiting website of choice.

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