What is iMessage – How do I use iMessage? – iMessage vs. BBM

iMessage allows you make unlimited texts to other iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch users.  What’s the catch?  You all have to %image_alt%be on iOS5 (iPhone operating system 5).  If you don’t have the new iPhone 4S, then you’ll need to update your Apple support device to iOS5.  You can do this directly from your gadget or while connecting via iTunes, your choice.

So, when you’re all good and ready with the iOS5 update, what can you do with iMessage?

  • Text messages
  • Send photos
  • Share videos
  • Text to a bunch a friends at once

If you have the iPhone 4S, you can have Siri type the text for you.  Now, that’s pretty glamorous!  Another iPhone service plus is the keyboard is more user-friendly.  You can just let it auto-type the word as you’re typing it or simply dictate your text.

But, the best part of iMessage is that it’s free when typing to other iMessagers.  Think of it as BBM, or the Blackberry Messenger, which is a free instant messaging app for Blackberries.  BBM actually is more robust than iMessage, allowing you to add contacts and groups to it.  The BBM is really its own separate instant message (IM) chat which could get lost on your Blackberry if you don’t know where to find the application.  iMessage instantly flags you like any text would.  I prefer iMessage over BBM because it is simple to use, and don’t think all the IM features are necessary to just get a quick text out.

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