What is my Klout score? – Do you have Klout?

Some nightclubs and bars care what you look like.  Thanks to a few tech geeks, you now can gain your own kind of clout, or Klout, within the social media world. 
Now, clubs, bars, and other high society events are gearing towards a new kind of bar, the social media bar.

Klout was founded in 2008 to measure your street cred on the Internet.  Several sites are viewed to make this judgement, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and blogs.  Your score will range from 0 – 100, 100 being best.  The more influencers, lists, and topics you put out in the cyber word, the higher your Klout score will be.

The good.  With a 65+ Klout score, you may receive perks, free stuff, and private event invites.  Essentially, you will be within the velvet robe of geekdom!

The bad.  Klout is still a bit limited with the amount of websites you may subscribe to.  Specifically, your blog or social media site may not be available just yet to bump up your score.

Don’t fret if your score is low.  It takes a persistent dose of a tech service mindset and a creative trendsetting imagination to be among the kings of the techs!

My thoughts?  It’s a bit odd to think your popularity may now be based within the tech world.  But, that’s where we are and headed deeper in regard to our personalities.  I just hope that our real personnas are not increasingly lost with our social media world taking over.

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