How to sync iMessages – Sync iMessages with iPhone and iPad – Sync iMessages with all devices

%image_alt%Getting a text message from your iPhone is great.  But, what if you want to keep track of your iMessages and use them with your other devices?  If your friend texts you a message that you receive on your iPhone, how can you reply to it if you’re using your iPad or iPod touch?  Instead of composing a new text message, or iMessage, to your friend, you can seamlessly receive and reply to your texts from all your iOS devices.

Here’s how to sync your iMessages with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings->Messages->Receive At %image_alt%
  2. Add or Register an email address with iMessage.  This may also be your Apple ID.
  3. Tap on Caller ID and enter your email address.  This will allow you to send and receive iMessages from your email address instead of your phone number.  You’ll still receive iMessages to your phone number, but the reply will be from your email address.
  4. On your iPad, go to Settings->Messages->ensure the same email address as your iPhone is set to receive messages
  5. That’s it!  All your iMessages will now sync between your devices.

It just takes 5 steps to sync all your iMessages.  It doesn’t take an iPhone expert, iPad technician, or iPod touch Apple guru to know how to do this.  The big benefit to this is having an instant backup of your texts, especially if you’re an attorney, researcher, planner, or other professional needing to log conversations.  Or if you just want to keep your texts handy to reply to whenever, wherever.

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